Anger Consumes Wit

Anger is a powerful emotion. In fact, like hate or love, anger is one of the most powerful ones to live inside a man. Like religion and like fire it penetrates deeper into the soul and into the lives. A happy face emits a glow and so does an angry face which emits waves of anger which are much like radioactive waves. There is always a price of anger which the bearer pays. In almost all instances, it is the wit. All saints and demons have agreed upon a cure. Silence. Undoubtedly golden.

House to Home

When I was a kid, mom used to ask me to build my house with Lego blocks. She even used to say that one day I will have a wife and round kids of my own upon which  I used to feel shy. She never completed her sentence until I grew up. She completed her line one day saying, “You will give her a house. She will give you a home. Filled with love. That’s what a woman is supposed to do.”  I hope no feminists read this and misinterpret harmless innocent words to their own interests. So here is their leash “Men are supposed to do the same and men are bad. Thank you.”