March 8th, 2018 / 08:08 PM

Nokia had a profound effect on me, especially in my younger years. It was not my first phone but it remained with me like a caring friend who had seen many ups and many downs. From one city to another and from one life to the next, Nokia stayed along. There is something very nostalgic about it. Like perfumes and songs, it takes me back in time. In short, I recently became younger again, fell in love again and started living in the same places I practically cannot. There is no price of nostalgia. There never will be. (On getting a 3310 and a Nokia 8)

Evil Veil

January 17th, 2018 / 09:06 AM / Karachi
The veil and evil have the same alphabets. The evil wears a veil and I have seen veiled evils. Veil hides the evil done and so many wear a veil only to be evil. The only difference between the veil and evil is the gender. The veil has a masculine abstract to it while evil comes in both genders. I happen to come across the female side of it enough to feel at times it has only one gender, which will be a bias and evil of me.

Fat Ex

January 5th, 2018
An ex got married. It should not be a longer post. It can fit easily into a single tweet. But ask any boy. Can any ex fit into a single tweet? Never. Two such exes have swollen into something that can’t fit into a entire book. What startles me most is how shockingly is their name transformation. Some have changed their name from mere six letters to ten! I guess that adds to the price of becoming an aunty. Thankfully the people in the pictures don’t change otherwise one of my hard drive with such pictures would become impossible to carry. And they still love adorable in those pictures even though some were plain monsters in human skins. This post is longer than the new twitter limit.

Regret. Repeat. Regret.

December 18th, 2017
She was showing me a bunch of screenshots. One was startling that accidentally came up. She regretted that moment. The camera was on. The regret got recorded. I learned the lesson. She asked me to take a selfie. I did. She insisted I use her phone to take it again. So I did. Saw the screen for a moment to find the camera app. Found another thing instead. It lasted for a moment. Her face had a regret. Again. Then I came home.


The third dimension to it needs trickery which varies in all scenarios. Money, desires, fetishes, luck, chance, evolution, corruption etc. A triangle can have two right angles. Yes, it can.