Finite Rule

December 28th, 2017
The new year is upon us. 2017 had been full of turns and twists. It bestowed blessings and snatched too. I feel God has some mysterious equation which allows happiness only at some pre-calculated exchange rate. Nothing is ever free. Even for a mother’s love, the strongest relation needs to be and that is not free at all. In this universe when someone gets what he wanted instantly somewhere loses what he cherished. That is the finite rule of the still infinite universe.


December 27th, 2017
I come across posters on the sides of the roads with political slogans praising a dead leader. Such trash plastered all over the city. Yet a mass of the crowd calling itself a nation stays in the political discussion throughout the day and all days of the year and all years of their lives which they have memories about. The attraction towards siyasat is what keeps energies of the crowd going. Average Joes and Janes keep bashing the top heads of any political clan but what many stay blind from is the eye to know who the real pest is. The real disease, the real traitors. These small faces at the footnote of every poster usually beginning with “minjanib“. Like cockroaches surviving a nuclear war or even an apocalypse, these minjanib politicians are the ones hard to wipe. That is the rule of the dirt.


December 19th, 2017
Here are some fun stats for the year 2017.

Shot 401244 pictures, 3800 videos, uploaded 290 videos to YouTube, posted 50 pictures to FlickR, crossed 4000 Tweets on one account, 6000 on another, written another diary, traveled 9000 km (approx), finished reading 32 books and made my own money 12 out of 12 months. Some results are far less than the targets were set, like I could not shoot a million photographs or finish 50 books and to start a side business, a second source of money is always a good seed. Weight loss or getting married were not on the list and still are not. So not even bothered. Wink!