Don’t believe in anything that begins with a don’t. Don’t let the glitter of the imperative but seemingly friendly words take you. Don’t let the cloak of advice they take make you stray away. Don’t let them make you paranoid. Don’t you hope that somehow you would run away from the moment and the place of your death yet you know that eventually it will still come for you. Don’t believe that you can escape it. Don’t fall for those who claim to have broken these invisible shackles that keep one tamed and in a controlled slumber through life. “Don’t question authority”. Don’t feel alone when it always provokes the rebel inside you. Don’t we all have that rebel inside us? Don’t we have thoughts, wants and fetishes that collide with the authority head on. Don’t you know that the only reason for your being of the faith people know you by is because you were born in it. Don’t you feel ringing blasphemy when logic takes the reigns of your mind? Don’t settle in one place and let the place reclaim you. Don’t roam around and become owned by many. Don’t let your heart flutter when you read of her claims of missing you in those messages. Don’t read her blog. Don’t stop reading her blog. Don’t let silence make you believe that you are not missed. Don’t let rain make you play sad songs. Don’t hope that there will ever be a triangular kebab and a square samosa. Don’t oversleep as that becomes an ailment. Don’t undersleep and miss out on those dreams that might never become real. Don’t fall out of love once you are in. Don’t fall in love would be meaningless because you already are. Don’t read Aamir’s entangled thoughts. 

Don’t believe in anything that begins with a don’t.

Or ends in a don’t. 

Just don’t.