How many times have you considered of taking your own life? At least once. This thought crosses us all and then it walks right past us. But aren’t we all doing that will kill us eventually. Eating unhealthy, lack of exercise, polluted dwellings, besides other challenges. The reason that might very well be the reason of your end might already be in motion already and that too because of your own greed, lack of dedication and considering yourself an immortal who had at least once thought of taking his own life.

The dilemma of all of the quick methods is that they are too painful which is what keeps many off territory. The unhealthy life is painless, at least for very long that it is not considered a way at all. What would one do in the world when it gets filled with only strangers? What will you do in paradise all by yourself?

For more than once, Ghalib too calculated of his dying. This thought is rational. Yet the truth is that life is beautiful. Cherish life, cherish friends, cherish these loved ones that are all around. When you are left with none, only then anyone is free to consider taking the bitter pill. Only then any price deems fit to be with those loved ones once again. If you got just one friend, consider yourself lucky. Even if that friend is just your reflection in the mirror, it still is there. Isn’t he.

And find a newer love instead of oily chips, crusty pizza and nicotine. Eat good. Sleep well. And most importantly, create something, like any God. Feel the illusion of becoming an immortal before time eventually proves you a mortal. Healthy decisions today is the only way how this extremely slow method of suicide becomes way slower and far less painful. Just live well.