Well Well

Water is life. Life began in waters.

They say so. What they say is quite believable. They created cures, better transport, camera, electricity, the internet and all the woes that come with it. That’s what makes this claim of theirs very believable. The sayings of the philosophers and cult leaders on the other hand remain without tangible reasoning. Nonetheless, they too have claimed the same. Growing up believing water holds the key to life got embedded into the subconscious. That’s a plus with science. Coincidentally a book written by an atheist reached my shelf. It spoke of a map. There’s a water well on the route mentioned in the map. The story grew from a well and spread uncontrollably, often accompanied by greed, war and death. You are likely to invite the wrath of good men if you want to reach the same conclusion after seeing the map. Relax and grab yourself a glass of water. It still holds life.

Unless good men try to drown you in it!