A few people were standing right around the corner. As laws of nature do not change, so light doesn’t bend around the corners, there was no way I could have seen them before I crossed it. I had to reach there, take that path with the corner in its existence and come to know about their existence at the corner.

Life is not a straight path. It is full of these bends and corners, some more cherished than the others. A law of nature that we come to eventually is our inability to escape these corners, no matter how we want or try to avoid them. There is a turn where you are to meet your best friend, a corner where love would show you its glimpse, an edge traveling beyond which is possible only if you could dodge your enemies who await there just to ambush you.

As we cannot form a list of people we haven’t known or met, we can do the opposite and make a list of all those we know and want to meet or don’t want to meet. One of the faces from those who stood at the corner brought up the feeling of “just avoid and walk on” as it bore resemblance to someone on one of those lists. A turn is unavoidable but a being is. These turns unfold according to our desires in the imaginary scenarios that keep happening in a loop in our heads. There, life becomes a straight path with no kinks and no kinky ones to avoid. But hey, whom will you avoid crossing after reading this turn?