Who wants to be sad? Nobody. Happiness or even the illusion of it are driving energies of life. That is one explanation of why everyone adores money. We can buy the path to happiness at least. Yet, not a single soul has walked on earth including the first beings whose hearts were devoid of sorrow. Our sorrows give shape to what we consider happiness. A man with no son and only daughters in the subcontinent has a different definition of happiness than a man who has only sons. Happiness is a guest that stays inside our souls and eventually departs. Sorrows are long staying tenants we want to kick out at times.
Yesterday, I had a talk with Baba that branched out to the afterlife and the ideas of Paradise and Hell. In his definition, sorrow and shock can never enter paradise. The heart of Paradise dweller is devoid of these feelings. The idea has allured men. On the opposite, it saddened me and brought another tenant to live in. How can I kick someone now who has lived a life at a place and has called it his own? How can I evict a tenant who has lived longer than any friend has? These sorrows have grown strong than those claimed to love. Can you kick an old friend out? Would you?