A YouTube video about a bird that mimics more than two dozen sounds has amassed millions of views. People are amazed at the skills of the bird as for many, it is pure delight. For others, its either cute or funny. A tiny bird making strange sounds and scaring grownups on their camping trips sounds funny indeed. Not for me though. I came across the video through recommendations and I could barely finish it. The bird knows the sounds of a motorized chainsaw. Not even a single person in the comments felt the feelings of horror that I felt. Who taught the bird to make those sounds? The first logical explanation is quite obvious. It heard the sounds and learned. That means it heard the chainsaw. Someone destroyed its habitat with a chainsaw perhaps. What looks like a love song in that video might very well be a curse the bird kept sending upon those that destroyed its home and loved ones perhaps. Would you sing something sweet for those who burn your house down and murder your family? Or a curse would be rational followed by more rational steps of revenge?