Afghanistan. A bad neighbor? A thankless country? Maybe both. Maybe not. Griefs deform our minds forever and that land has suffered from grief. That too for a very long time. It has distorted the minds, permanently. It would take a long time to heal any, if that ever becomes a possibility. The same actors that were ousted are in power again. Those actors had supporters on this side of the porous border as well. When a superpower invaded those supporters went into hiding but now they too are out in the open. I came across a mass of those cheering supporters online. In the 80’s when the bad and thankless neighbor celebrated the kicking out of another superpower, a crowd of supporters existed even then. History, which loves to repeat itself, knows that the stash of human-killing weapons these superpowers leave behind when running away eventually end up in places where they shouldn’t. That is exactly how unregistered Soviet weapons ended up on the streets of Karachi and contributed to the creation of evils of street crime, target killings and political assassinations. Some of those who celebrated in the 80’s lost loved ones later at the hands of the weapons left behind. Their reason to live ended. There are fools who are rejoicing now not knowing that years later this laughter might be paid with a heavy price – the price of heavy funerals. History repeats itself. Only the fools don’t ever want to learn from it.