A YouTube video about a bird that mimics more than two dozen sounds has amassed millions of views. People are amazed at the skills of the bird as for many, it is pure delight. For others, its either cute or funny. A tiny bird making strange sounds and scaring grownups on their camping trips sounds funny indeed. Not for me though. I came across the video through recommendations and I could barely finish it. The bird knows the sounds of a motorized chainsaw. Not even a single person in the comments felt the feelings of horror that I felt. Who taught the bird to make those sounds? The first logical explanation is quite obvious. It heard the sounds and learned. That means it heard the chainsaw. Someone destroyed its habitat with a chainsaw perhaps. What looks like a love song in that video might very well be a curse the bird kept sending upon those that destroyed its home and loved ones perhaps. Would you sing something sweet for those who burn your house down and murder your family? Or a curse would be rational followed by more rational steps of revenge?


Afghanistan. A bad neighbor? A thankless country? Maybe both. Maybe not. Griefs deform our minds forever and that land has suffered from grief. That too for a very long time. It has distorted the minds, permanently. It would take a long time to heal any, if that ever becomes a possibility. The same actors that were ousted are in power again. Those actors had supporters on this side of the porous border as well. When a superpower invaded those supporters went into hiding but now they too are out in the open. I came across a mass of those cheering supporters online. In the 80’s when the bad and thankless neighbor celebrated the kicking out of another superpower, a crowd of supporters existed even then. History, which loves to repeat itself, knows that the stash of human-killing weapons these superpowers leave behind when running away eventually end up in places where they shouldn’t. That is exactly how unregistered Soviet weapons ended up on the streets of Karachi and contributed to the creation of evils of street crime, target killings and political assassinations. Some of those who celebrated in the 80’s lost loved ones later at the hands of the weapons left behind. Their reason to live ended. There are fools who are rejoicing now not knowing that years later this laughter might be paid with a heavy price – the price of heavy funerals. History repeats itself. Only the fools don’t ever want to learn from it.


The snake inside the glass case was being looked at strangely by the strangers. A father told his son that the animal has poison which it transfers to the one it bites killing the victim instantly. The little kid was afraid to go near the cage. I stood there looking at the animal that laid still. Was its own fault that it made itself a snake in the first place? Was it it’s own decision to live a life of being hated for what it is? What can it do to change the scorn that has grown for it with time? It felt similar. There are unchangeable, immutable elements in our selves that are hated and looked down upon. Deep inside we wish to be better but we cannot change anything. At times the only cure left is to lay still in our glass case and write it down.


Man is the character who knows a little about a lot of things. Devil is the one who knows a lot about a lot of things. God is the one who knows everything about everything. Who are those who know nothing?


I saw a dream again. In other words, I never stopped seeing it. It lived on. Life keeps eroding our souls by keeping us sucked into its tasks. Tiring days end in dreamless sleep. That can partly explain the strange feeling that took over when I had that dream again. I tried writing down all other recurring ones once I was alert but I had a hard time recollecting every single of them. The mind suddenly visualized a storm that had extinguished many fires. Nonetheless, it could not put all of them out. Some fires are burning still, all well and strong. Auditing the warehouses of soul is a good start to spot these fires. It’s the wise path to know the fires in advance, lest they burn something precious. Didn’t the owner of Paradise kick a fire out? This seems like a good alternate version of the beginning.