Saday kol te iPhone v nahin.

Life’s hard. 

But really, is it? Not all of our dreams are destined to become true. One way of lessening the feeling of life being hard is to have fewer dreams in the first place. Not all heavens can exist on the path destiny set for us to walk – life. No amount of dedication can make someone a Prophet, can it? Life is a ride that passes through sad and happy towns. Happiness is not just living moments in happier towns, but it also is one riding away from the sad ones. One having a bedroom larger than the entire house of many and an iPhone too to Tweet sorrows of life is something that is not hard to apprehend. One might be facing other challenges like depression for instance, or a loved one who has constantly failed to listen and improve. Can that house in an upscale neighborhood or the latest ride cure those sorrows that keep growing inside, like tumors? Dreams are good. Growing too many dreams simultaneously can be a disaster. As years are proceeding, the dreams that can now never become real are increasing. I remember having felt this feeling already.

سب خواہشات

I have an Android. I migrated from the bad Apple just because it was too hard (not impossible) to record phone calls on Apple. Now, when I am not able to talk to those who mattered and still matter, I listen to the older recordings that I have accumulated over the years and relive the happier moments. It is like reading old letters. Sadly, all good songs end. Then I leave the happy town I was living in for a moment. I am glad I never tweeted anything similar about life like it is hard. Some hunters would, like always, disagree.

Aamir Bilal