May 29th, 2021

Some believe in the idea that a human can be the reason for misfortune. The subcontinent has a fair share of incidents, literature, culture, and crime that a person can be the unlucky reason for calamity, misery, and misadventure. Trigger-happy mothers-in-law label their daughters for any tragedies that they face in life. I never believed in this idea. I still don’t. Yet, once I was really close to becoming a believer. It’s been a while that I had gotten any chance to watch anything in a cinema. The Censor board clears only the trashy movies that have no anti-state or haraam elements. Such movies are a waste of time and money. Things were different in old days. The company was fine which made even trashy movies worth spending time on. A friend who still holds the record for watching the most movies together made me doubt her to be jinxed. Karachi faced serious violence every time we went to a movie. In the latter days, I used to stare at the next-day tickets wondering how many lives would tomorrow’s unrest take. The same violence happened every single time. The cellular coverage was very weak inside the theater and we were not Bollywood admirers, hence there were no intervals in the movies we went to. By the time we used to come out of the theater, the phones kept ringing because of the volume of messages from friends and family about the unrest gripping the city.

Afterward, every time when I was going inside the theater, I thought that it was the last time I was going inside. Innocent people make such good soft targets which the terror groups use to achieve their nefarious agendas. They killed scores on a bus of a minority. They have attacked schools. Cinemas were such excellent targets, they had soft targets which are the perfect ingredients to become statistics on the next day newspapers and they are also anti-Islam evildoers as they go to watch the work of haraam in cinemas where all haraam things happen. During the movie, my attention to the movie used to decline. My brain started to fabricate an attack that was about to happen any instant. In that dark theater, it was not possible to find an escape easily. I kept thinking that at any moment, gunmen would barge in from that small door that was used to let people out after the film ended. The overly creative mind added more gunmen which secured all doors blocking all possible ways to escape. Luckily it never happened.

But one thing happened for sure. An argument. A clash. Violence. Then we stopped meeting and never went to the cinema again. I did go to the movies, even until the world came to know the terms corona and Wuhan. No other friend could play that feeling as she did.

I am starting to believe now that I am jinxed. Am I?