March 17, 2018 / 10:59 PM

Many memories that are connected with Lahore are quite explosive, a few of them quite literally. For every man, love is no less than an explosion. Everyone talks about how they happen to be present only a few hundred yards away from the site of unrest. In reality, no one wants to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  I woke up to the sad news of an explosion that took the lives of 7 policemen who were stationed at the entrance of a gathering of religious fanatics. Many rituals serve to keep the lights on for a handful of mullahs and have nothing to do with religion in the first place. Seriously, if you want to preach something why not preach your religion to a person who is of the opposite belief instead of singing the same song to someone who sings the same or even might be able to sing a lot better than the mullah. Whether a person is of your belief or not, it does not justify that they are targeted in any way. The religion that was taught to me teaches tolerance at all levels. However, the religion being preached at most corners nowadays is full of hate and violence the ripples of which reached the place of gathering today. Nobody likes policemen yet those who lost their lives today are also from the same society and very human. Our hearts and prayers go out for them. As an observer and as a citizen, I cannot stop from looking at one obvious fact – why does the wave of trouble rise just before the election. Twice can be a coincidence but more than twice he is way more than a mere coincidence. But we have become so blind by our everyday tragedies and our everyday addiction that in less than 24 hours we fail to evolve ourselves as a nation instead of a mass blinded by our own tiny beliefs and led by monsters in beards. I thought that I was being biased but the feeling faded when I saw the pictures of mullahs in the next morning’s newspaper. They all belonged to different sects but they were standing unanimously and asking the people to vote for them in the upcoming elections. YouTube is an excellent repository for finding videos as proof of hate speech by many of these mullahs who for sure would never even bother to offer their prayers in the mosque of another sect. Do you think religion is that crazy to divide people? It is the people who are crazy that they let themselves be divided. This divide is the first step that leads to such explosive tragedies. Lahore bleeds again and this makes me sad.