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March 8th, 2018 / 05:14 PM

You are likely to come across many villains when you try to do a good job or a virtuous deed. That is how every story rolls out, every movie has this formula.  this is the reason I feel very uncomfortable when I keep coming across villains even when I have no idea doing any virtuous thing. In a country where education is still a distant dream it is very natural to come across people who try to block your progress even when it brings no harm to them. There is a strange coincidence which I have observed. The most religious a person is apparently, the more he would object to actions of others. A graphic novel  was unavailable in the country primarily because it touched the subject of religion and love. Also it’s visual slides depicted erotica. The first time I was able to get that novel inside the country undetected. The next time I ordered it again, the book was stopped because a mullah found a few topless hand drawn female forms in it. But we all know that business is above God which is why he was forced to let me take the book home. Refunding me was out of the question. After this event I searched for another vendor who was more progressive minded. I ordered a few books which he was able to slip in without any trouble. One of the books is about a serial killer who once roamed the streets of Lahore and killed a hundred children in 1999. One of the signs of a failing society is the restricted flow of books. The books are enlightenment which the villain at any stage tries to destroy. After all the light frightens some, enlightens some.

  The Myth Of The Chosen One by Khalid Sohail  The Myth Of The Chosen One by Khalid Sohail

  The House Of Clay And Water by Faiqa Mansab  The House Of Clay And Water by Faiqa Mansab