March 1st, 2018 / 10:44 PM

I had been writing what comes to my mind for many years now. It is true that words craft history and history crafts words. We have seen many people try to forge history into their own favour by simply changing the words which reach an innocent mind. Just look at the movies from the last month. People from a particular religion are trying to portray a very Falls version of the reality or at least that version of the reality which we already have accepted for many years. But who knows that might be another similarities buy a man or a group of men trying to write history the easier way i.e., by simply changing a few words and monitoring the medium so that people start accepting the truth which is nothing but fabricated. It is very hard to separate truth from what actually occurred. Just try to find a few 20 year old pictures of the place you have studied. Sadly you would not find many because either of two realities. First the data from that time does not exist. Second if somebody even took pictures or collected any form of data from that time the data is in such a medium that it exists in the personal collection of the person who created it or collected it and has not made any way for any person from the modern time to find it. That’s the reason whenever I try to find old pictures of the places I have visited or lived, I don’t find any substantial amount of data because either people have failed to create the data or they failed to let any of the data they created reach us. Now consider the history which was taught to us in our schools and colleges. After the collapse of any civilization people following that civilization come to the reality that what was taught to their students was nothing more than a pro government propaganda. 500 years ago India and Pakistan were one combined piece of land. But after opening any modern History book you would find the same heroes turned villain as you cross the border. It is because the governments across the border at different and they would simply label the heroes of the other side as villains. It is a very old war. The War fought by words. Or if I put it better The War fought by manipulating words. A lot of the things I have done are very boring. Yet from my perspective I still find them important enough that I have documented almost all of them. There have been moments when I had no camera with me and the only memory of that event is what is in my head. That is why I try to write them down before I am diagnosed with Alzheimer’s if I reached the old age. But being human I fear that even I can try to contaminate reality in my favour by manipulating words and creating moments that had never happened. But if I had done anything of that sort, there would be no boring moments at all. Hence the proof of the reality is the boring flavor itself. A very old soul lives inside me that still finds paper for more attractive than any other modern medium in the advent of social media. I have a carton which is full of pages and diaries from the past years. For the first time in life I saw a Moleskine at a stationery shop in Dubai. The shop was closed and I was about to miss my flight which is why I was never able to buy it. That regret haunted me for some years. Even when I moved to Karachi, I asked so many vendors to import them. But every time they had a reason for not doing so. Yesterday I went to a place where I never expected to find a moleskine. Just the sight of that was a pleasant surprise much like the time travel itself and seeing again an ex who now is a fat, ugly mother of a child. But the most time was still as slim as it was many years ago. I Wonder What I would write on it. There are some stories and words that still exist only in the head. I am too careful about my words but the pages on which these words appear have been misplaced more than once. I hope the moleskine I just got keeps them protected, inspired and safe until I pass these words to someone worthy.