February 14th, 2018 / 07:32 AM

Not all things fade with time. Red is still the color I like. But some things have already faded. Time is a reality that corrodes us all with no discrimination. It is that day of the year again. And perhaps the same me too. But one thing I am so sure of not the same is the heart. It took me time to talk some sense to it. But then it did learn. And like all learnings this learning had a price. The price of color. I guess some faded red is way better than all red. There is one thing I would still love to add about love however. It’s an emotion that can never die. It is an emotion that has the beauty of being as eternal and as timeless as God himself. One would easily label love as a mistake when one would be not mature enough to understand what love itself is or married with a child to take care of already. It takes a time to understand the beauty and pleasure hidden in pain .Don’t be one of them who confuse love and relationships. They are are two different words and they are two different feelings. What you have seen ending can never be love. What you feel you have mastered is relationships even if that relation be of a husband or of a wife. I have not sent any gifts to anyone this year. Maybe I have grown old. Maybe I have learnt from my relationships. Whatever the case be I have not stopped loving. That is the dilemma of love. You cannot start it. You cannot end it. You got to live with that.