Unwanted Wants.

February 10th, 2018 / 07:07 PM
I am still an early morning person and before beginning my day and leaving for work the first thing I check is the newspapers that the paperwala slides under the door. It is like a ritual that I perform everyday. One of the best things I have been blessed with is living the life of a day-person. At times I feel that my wife would be very angry over this habit of mine. But I guess I love the sun and the sunlight as much as I would love her. I still adore the smell and the touch of the classic newspaper which the modern digital electronic medium lack. Even today I have subscribed to three newspapers which are more than inspiring and not just being traditional old news source. As I flip pages and reach the Crimes and Courts section, I pray that I don’t come across the news of people killing their own children. But still the monsterity of humans lives on. At least twice every week I find such news which has become norm of the society that people dump their kids especially daughters into the trash. Our society has seen one such man who took care of such homeless children whom the society easily labels as a bastard. Abdul Sattar Edhi. There is only one way humans come into existence and we all have followed the same path except for Prophet Adam. We all have remained a product of love so labelling a child unwanted and pushing him to live with the stigma of being a bastard, we are not less of any criminal. What happens to those dead bodies people find in dumpsters, graveyards or open places. We come across such news, we read them, we see them and like always tomorrow we forget that news and continue with our lives. My mood was fine when I woke up. It was fine when I read the political pages. It was even fine when I read that my favourite team lost the match last night. But my mood took a severe hit when I read the news of a child found in a dumpster and the police has already registered a case against an unknown woman. There are some evils that have lived longer than generations of a nation and I think this is one of such evils which will outlive this very nation and the nation that will take its place. God has said it, science has proved it and philosophy points to it that this world is only a suitable place for the fittest. Our moral decline has proven that we are not fit to live in this world and with this momentum someone will replace us eventually. Someone more fit than us. I feel that the biggest evil we as Pakistanis face is the lack of education. People who are lucky enough to go to schools and colleges are also not refined enough to obey parking laws, traffic rules and the law in general. Now that is not a sign of an educated person. What good is that school or college or any formal education if you are not able to live your life as a law abiding citizen. Under good clothes and trimmed beards walk many monsters wearing human skin. The moment people heard about the death of Edhie, people were divided into two groups. One who supported him for what he did in his life and the other who called him nothing but a monster who waged a war against God and protected and raised those unwanted bastard kids. But just imagine for a moment and answer the question that what is the fault of a boy or a girl who are just coming into this world and don’t even know the harsh realities of life. How can one be so cruel or a monster to push such a young and innocent soul towards death. We seriously lack as a nation. Education is the only thing that can save us. But we are so stubborn that we don’t even want to learn. This society is a very evil and a bipolar society. People live at two extremes. On one side are those who claim God in everything. And on the other end are those who claim to be bigger than God. Wanted is this education the lack of which is making unwanted children. Why are people so ashamed of asking for a condom or a contraceptive pill? I remember once being at a Pharmacists when a man walked in and was too shy to ask for a condom. People don’t fear the consequences they bring upon themselves when they push a child towards death, a child that is so unwanted to them that most of them end up in trash. But they are not afraid of stopping all the misery by just opening up their mind to kill shame and taboos. Our morality has fallen to such a level that I feel it would be nothing short of a miracle to bring it back to a level of normality again and the only thing that can do it is the miracle of education. I still remember that news from 2017 when a 5 day old girl was buried in miani sahib kabristan, Lahore. The parents came to the grave of the child the very next day for prayers and were shocked to find the grave wide open and the body missing. To this day nobody has a clue of what happened or who took it. I have a very strong gut feeling that the body of that girl would never be found again. Yet when we pick up books of stories to tell tales to children, all the monsters we find don’t have a face of any human but as we grow up we see the bitter reality that the only monster you need to be afraid of is the one you see in the mirror.