February 9th, 2018 / 05:28 PM

The verdict of the case is out. Two people have been convicted and have been sentenced to death. And a whole gang pardoned or given very light punishments. But the drama has not ended. In fact one of the very evil political parties has taken to the streets and are protesting in favour of those who killed a man in the name of God. It’s not the first time somebody has been killed in the name of god and definitely it’s not the last time either. But in a country where blasphemy is a very sensitive subject we all have seen how it was manipulated in silencing a person for personal interest. It is more shocking that people are still supporting a killer. The father of Mashal Khan has also expressed his disagreement over the verdict of this case. I too failed to understand why everybody who played a role of being an accomplice to a murderer not awarded the same and justful punishment. What has happened to Mashal Khan can happen to anyone. But all the people to whom injustice is done are not lucky enough that for them a political party stages a protest especially when that party comprises only of mullahs standing united under the flag of self-proclaimed God’s good men. The only beard I like is either my own or of a girl who was my classmate in medical college. She had very long hair on her legs which made me imagine her in a beard. Sadly, she is equally violent in my imagination.