See The Sea

February 4th, 2018 / 03:44 AM / Karachi
I went to the sea today. it is not the first time I went there. and it is not the last time I would go there. There are so many memories that are associated with the sea both good and bad. there are few people that always remind me of the sea and the sea always reminds me of  a few people. it’s not just the people I remember all those mistakes as well about which I wish I had never committed. almost all my life I have lived in places that are next to the sea which is why sea became a friend from very old time. Like true love or like God himself sea looks very timeless to me.It never ages. A part of me always fantasizes about the romantic element of the sea. even the religious books have so many events and stories that revolve around the sea. Half of the history says that Moses parted the river and the other half talks about a sea. If the world becomes divided on this point I would take the side of the sea instead of a river. The word Samandar has been used at so many  places in poetry. but the sea that I am able to visit has become polluted over the years. We as a nation are not honest with the blessings that God has given us, sea being one of them. A polluted sea is like a polluted life. Just like an idea that infiltrates your mind and takes hold of your mind polluting almost everything the mind controls, once the sea is polluted it becomes very hard for life to be normal again. But my trip was tiring, I enjoyed every bit I spent in water even though more than once the tide seemed to take me with it. Like a good friend Sometimes the sea talks back to me.And like every good friend we make an evil plan.What I was too tired at that time to execute that plan.Took a shower and removed all this and that was stuck in my clothes and in my head.Came home and slept with tired and painful muscles.I guess every friend gives you some pain.