February 2nd, 2018 / 03:04 AM / Karachi

Yesterday a turmoil occurred at Lahore session court. Even though I have some memories associated with courts, they are mostly bitter. All that grand architecture that represents law brings butterflies to my stomach. The first and most basic element of law is being equal for all. Sadly, in this country the law varies with the person. The more money you have the more laws you can bend. This itself is a mirror that reflects the ugly reality of our judiciary system. We witnessed the same thing happened today. Two men were gunned down due to personal enmity. A killer entered the premises of the court. He not only entered but also killed 2 people and miraculously escaped. This is more like a loop we are living in. How many times have we witnessed this happened. Somebody grows a grudge, plans and then enter a secure premise, kills a living human and then escapes unharmed. Lahore session court so the same thing happened today. Life has given its healthy share of bumps.  that is why I have also been to court more than once. I can still remember very vividly the weather the people and the whole environment of that place. Back in those days our country had not witnessed the unrest it witnessed in the later years that is why I was able to capture many photographs of the places which remind me of the old time. I can still remember that husband and wife who exchanged blows and kicks. I still remember those lawyers who exchanged first violent slurs  and then bullets. To a bigger surprise, there is even a shrine right inside Lahore High Court. It always makes me feel as if when your lawyer fails to bail you out, you can ask God for help. But what if an atheist comes to the court. Now that raises some very serious questions. Happy faces are not the only faces that I have seen in the court. There is a healthy quota of Angry sad and troubled faces as well.The police have later identified the person who did the daring today. On such events raise the question of How such weapons can be transported to a place which is heavily guarded.But like always tomorrow we forget and we never learn from our mistakes. In March of 2017 3 people were killed near minar-e-Pakistan one of them a passerby. Two of them were brothers. This was the result of a personal enmity. Imagine the level of planning it took not only to monitor the people but also their activity and their part and the date which they were visiting the same Session Court. their Enemies were smarter which is why the Ambush was successful. did we learn anything from that event. nothing. that’s the simple answer. this whole Court environment and court happening especially the unrest makes me feel very uncomfortable. Before getting admitted to a medical college, I used to go to an academy and the path which I used to take had a session court on it. Right next to that Session Court was a girls college which to this day exists. I had imagined a story after I saw one of my crushes there.  in an alternate Universe I also wear a black coat, have a beautiful wife whom I met exactly at the place of my work, the same Session Court. but I am very sure even in that alternate Universe some evils exist. I hope the law prevails there.