February 1st, 2018 / 10:05 PM / Karachi
So 2018 has already seen its first month end. Life goes on and on. The lessons still come in.If you keep looking at the mainstream media you might not find the truth at all. That is one of the reasons reading something other than your primary interests is a knowledge like no other. The last month has seen many terminals especially the child abuse cases plaquing the country. A similar cases emerged in Multan where a young student of a University was raped by a senior teacher and 6 people who first harassed her and then assaulted her. She reported the case to higher authorities but even after one year they were not able to stop that boy who was the main culprit who was the son of UC chairman. Just imagine the pain a woman has to go through in such a country where people are so polar that they want justice son honour for their own women but are disrespectful for the women of others. This is an evil that runs deep. It is not the first time such a controversial news has emerged out of that particular University. That University has remained home to very fanatic and radical minds. One such example is that of Junaid who was falsely implicated in a blasphemy case and is still behind bars. Let’s not forget about that son of a powerful politician who used to sell the biggest racket of drugs in Punjab. That came from the same University as well. Normally the names of Institute ring a very good bell. But some universities only bring bad memories. The universities I have attended always freshen up some memories from the past. Now those memories are fat ugly and married. God has saved me once again.