January 24th, 2018 / 07:12 AM / Karachi

Dad always says when you get a news, make sure it is true. The question arises how would one ever find out the truth from the heap of information. That is the reason why I avoid the television and even the newspapers which look like a staged drama and an orchestra perhaps. The whole country has seen the outcome of the murder of an innocent girl Zainab. The authorities have claimed to arresting of a man who is the alleged rapist and the murderer of the innocent child. But the question arises how would you tell the authenticity of him being the real murderer especially when the news comes from a society which follows a crippled system? A lot of people don’t question the information that reaches their minds which is why people unworthy of power have already found themselves in the corridors of power and ruling the country for many decades. Asking question is a human right but in a crippled democracy like Pakistan asking questions can get you killed. I am sure a lot of people would not even bother to question whether our Agencies and departments have worked efficiently and had made sure that the person they have arrested is the real culprit. Everyone seems too eager to hang that person. But there is one question nobody has even bothered to touch and that question is “Why did he do such a heinous act in the first place?” I am sure that a few questions can save people from a lot of troubles in the future but this also requires a mind trained to ask questions even if the questions are being asked to the person running the country. We have failed at so many stages, at so many places, at so many levels that we can also add to the list that we have also failed as a country and as a nation our minds are already bound to think like we are trained to think and never question more than we are habitual to ask. As I type this it is the early hours of the day and I have a job to attend. I will be keeping an eye on how things roll out and I hope and pray that our departments and agencies don’t kill a man beyond the bounds of law while he is still behind the bars and the whole Nation still awaits justice.