Lessons Of Faith

I heard the news of a student who shot the principal of the college yesterday. When asked why he did that at the time of the arrest he answered the policeman that the principal had committed blasphemy. This word has so many repercussions and implications. This word has already altered the lives of so many people. We have opted new means of transport and communications. But when it comes to proving someone of the alleged blasphemy we still stick to the century old rules of proving or disproving the innocence and guilt of man. The mullahs on one side and the hardliners on the other side have happily shifted to mobile phones Facebook email and other new advancements but they don’t want to opt the newer and scientific methods of forensics law and logic. This is the reason why blasphemy still remains one of the most heated and debated topics in a polar country like Pakistan. For a moment let’s assume that what the student is saying is true and the teacher really committed blasphemy then the question arises who has given the right to the students to murder? And if the student is not right, how can it still be proven that the principal did nothing wrong and the motive in this case is something else. It is very easy for one person to blame someone else of something as serious as blasphemy. In the recent years we have seen this word being manipulated and used by people for personal and political reasons. Out of many evils that prevailed one that has hurt a lot of people is the use and misuse of the topic of blasphemy. Shockingly on the very same day we have seen a CCTV video from Hyderabad going viral in which a student is beating a teacher. Hence in our case under discussion the possibility cannot be ruled out that the teacher was murdered because of personal reasons. In recent times we saw the capital city being taken Hostage by a group of religious fanatics the leader of whom keeps preaching violence. If we are so efficient to introduce a law of blasphemy to uphold the superiority of God why can we not introduce a law to check on those who preach it and incite violence. It is just an observation that comes after reading a news and has nothing as a grudge against anyone person group religion or ideology. One should have a clear head and clear heart at least one one thinks he is in a progressive democracy. Sadly this isn’t a democracy and nobody has a clear heart or a clear head.

January 23, 2018 / 05:18 AM / Karachi