Where do our dreams go? This question has always fascinated my mind. I’ve always felt after we wake up, dreams still live on. This is part positive and part scary. A few moments ago my sleep broke because of a nightmare. I woke up all sweaty and rushed to the door which was the only source of light. I stepped outside in the hall and went to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. I drank the water sitting on a chair in the living room and to cool my head from all the scary thoughts I turned on the TV and stayed there until I was feeling normal again. Then I went to the room and slept. Before sleeping I turned on the voice recorder and recorded what I saw. This tiny little gadget has helped me record many of my dreams which otherwise I would have forgotten. There have been good dreams and bad dreams scary dreams and sleazy dreams. But the question that bothers me is what happens to the dreams after we wake up. Where do the good and the bad characters go after we wake up in the world we think is not a dream. Waking up from a nightmare moments ago I would still stay concerned about the  scary old lady I just saw. Or was it really scary old lady or just someone else wearing that mask. How can we be so sure about the world we live in to be very real and not just a dream. What happens to me when I am a character in someone else’s dream? Now that is a question I should be worried about.

January 22nd, 2018 / 5:00 / Karachi