January 20th, 2018 / 08:35 AM / Karachi
I was sitting in the waiting area of the hospital. There were many people there. Evening had set in. Suddenly we heard a scream. All of the people started looking at the direction it came from. Three women were sitting next to two women sitting on a bench and were crying. People who were looking at them a few seconds ago resumed what they were doing. After a few minutes I stood up and headed outside. The path passed through a ward where I saw some people cutting a cake and celebrating. I stood there for a few seconds. It summed up a version of life I believe in. The same worst day or perhaps the last day of someone can very well be the first or the best day of life for someone else. The universe keeps balancing itself keeping the element of happiness and sorrow in a relation of equilibrium. Remember that every time you get happiness, someone somewhere gets deprived of the same amount of happiness.