Time Travel

January 15th, 2018
Loop. Time travel movies have remained my favorite. The subject is among those that has grabbed the attention of many in the past. Men in all eras of humanity have wanted to travel in time primarily because of the mistakes they had committed and wanted to undo them. In the recent years the number of movies released on this subject have increased and that is why I came across TIMELASPE, COHERENCE, LOS CRONOCRIMENES and Netflix’s DARK etc., so this is a natural thought that gets triggered that if I travel in time where would I want to go? How many years back or into the future? Whom would I like to meet? But even after all these years I am not able to find any definition of time other than those given in Physics mentioning it a scalar quantity or a fourth dimension. Faraz has mentioned about time at so many places, sometimes relative and sometimes absolute. Like this stanza for instance
جس کے بغیر روز و شب سخت بھی تھے محال بھی
اس کے بغیر کٹ گئے کس طرح ماہ و سال بھی
He is pretty right. How time eats us inside out is beyond the grasp of humans. We all are being corroded by this one element and no one can stop it. Like all other men in the past if I get a chance to travel back, I want to see myself from a distance at all those moments I had been happier. But this thought makes me think what if I was already watching myself from a distance when I went on my first date or when I made my parents proud etc., And I am already living a paradox of two myselfs in one universe at a given time. But is seeing my own self the only wish I have out of the ability to travel in time? Even when I hadn’t seen DARK, I had thought of traveling back in time and see my parents as young folks or kids. If there is no limit to travel back, I surely want to travel to time of Prophets and see the people for whom men of today might live and might kill. But then another scary thought hits me. What if I travel back and get stuck there and then have to live in that time. Out of a million problems one problem in such a case would be non-existence of my favorite music as that music wouldn’t have come into existence at that time. Or I can become a Peer or Wali and predict the important political events and earn a fortune and have luxury houses, cars and more than one wife. Even the thought of time travel shakes up the head. So I turned on the music to cool my head to normality but the song that came up has memories attached to it and it has already taken me some years back.