Crime Scene

January 13th, 2018
Crime scene is like a treasure and by treasure I mean it’s comparable to it. Every crime scene has clues which can easily vanish or be contaminated because of many reasons including more than reasonable number of people infiltrating the scene, lack of care of handling the tiniest evidence and a human carelessness at any level. The TV and electronic media are constantly pouring their hearts out about the recent tragedy that occurred in Kasur. But even being someone not in a forensic department somethings are beyond logic. Like leaking for crucial information that can scare the perpetrators or worse, make them more smart. And for a moment let us assume the criminals become more vigilante. They will operate again. That soul they might hurt can be related to you or me just like the one they destroyed was attached to more than one someone. Information is power and sometimes people confuse information with common sense. There are many shortcomings of institutions operating in Pakistan including the Law Enforcement ones. Saving their own jobs or justifying their very existence is more important to them than providing justice to the common folks. Hence they spoil the information including the crime scene. I have always seen footage on the News Channels showing people contaminating the crime scene and destroying information. Just search YouTube and you can find the video of a water tanker sprinkling water to wash away the crime scene blood stains after a deadly attack on Benazir Bhutto. I am sure this can fuel many good stories, conspiracy theories and movies. In my school days there was a boy who could never get the first position in exams but he tried a lot. One of the things he practiced was to never tell the names of books he studied at home. I asked him the reason for it and he replied that information is power and making others powerless will make me come first in class. Sadly his power wasn’t so potent or he overlooked the Prophet Muhammad’s philosophy of spreading knowledge. The number of people with this hide-what-you-know-from-your-classmates type of people increased from school to college and then to university. In university almost everyone reminded me of my school-fellow. But none from the university realized a simple logic – not everyone can stand at the first position.