January 9th, 2018
I woke up to a tweet by a Pakistani celebrity about a 7-year old girl from Kasur, Pakistan who was sexually abused, tortured, killed and then dumped in a trash. Such events go unnoticed in Pakistan. This tragedy however got seen by a number of people with a reach. What about those girls who face an abuse and no one can hear their cry for help because either the walls of society forged by many self-fabricated religious clauses are high or maybe the celebrities are not united to give it a voice. The poor girl’s parents were gone for a pilgrimage leaving the unlucky soul behind. Her picture is posted all over (divided) social media. But because I was blessed by God to think of a moment as a story which can be written or made into a visual medium and being a boy who is aware of how polar, biased, drag-religion-in-every-matter type our society actually is, it makes me so depressed and tear filled just to imagine the pain and helplessness that girl would have felt in the last moments of her life. So many why’s are born with this incident. And no one has an answer. Just try to use any social media after any tragedy in Pakistan and see what shitty humans we are. I saw people bringing feminism, politics, male-dominance, religious fatwas, parenthood code, child protection bills and all sorts of shit into the discussion. It looked a like a scene from hell. One of the eleven reasons why I stopped using Twitter is the trends Pakistanis generate. And after this Kasur tragedy the Pakistani crowd fell even more low. A lady even wrote that the girl was raped because of her name with the hashtag of one denomination/sect of Islam. I am not yet a parent so the troubles a father or a mother face while raising a child cannot be dissected by me but the Kasur tragedy exposes the flaws of Pakistani system on so many levels. We are a blind and dead crowd who keep forgetting things because of our momentum of stubbornness. We are so stubborn that we are not ready to learn or open gates to our minds and souls. The evil however escapes from our cracks and quenches its thirst and comes back to hide in us without the need to open any door or window.