January 7th, 2018
Over time I tried to blog using one service or the other. I started blogging using It was a good experience. Out of curiosity, I joined . I liked the interface that offered a lot themes which were never available on blogger. I blogged there regularly in the beginning. Vox reminds me of the days when I move from Lahore to Karachi. One day I searched for the online services that offer blogging platforms. I tried Typepad, along a few others. For two years I stayed on Vox. One day they sent the notice that they are shutting down the service. In those days I found Posterous. But my stay at Posterous was also short lived because Twitter bought it and shut the service down. Then I was forced to to blogger. WordPress was always a little too scary for me for being so complex. But moving from one server to another was never an easy task. I always lost one thing or the other when I move from one place to another. Very few services offer import and export tools allow transfer of pictures and other media from one service to another. In 2017, I moved my webpage to a dedicated host and developed my blog in a more proper way. Hence I knew that moving all my posts and written material and accumulating it at one location was not going to be easy. I have accumulated my writings which were scattered on many different services across the internet. That was the first step. When I start reading the old writings, I come across many spelling and grammar errors which is why before publishing, I am repairing my old posts along digitizing what is written in the diaries. The easiest way would be to scan the diaries and post the images but that does not work. Scanning itself is not an easy task. Over time our digital lives leave a lot of mess and sorting that mess becomes a painful task. It is almost a year since I started sorting digital pool which in this case was primarily focused on writings that were scattered. Over time old posts shall start to show up in archives with repairs to grammar, theme, language and broken links along with diary posts that only existed on paper. This was a tedious task which demanded attention. One of the five steps of streamlining. The other four will be talked about in their own posts.