December 25th, 2017
Jesus! Quaid! Holiday! I never liked holidays. Maybe because I like the flow called life or maybe because as a nation we have never realized the manners for that. It’s the very reason why during my life in Lahore, Sundays were one of the things I never liked about Lahore. That list is long and I intend to write one post specifically about the things I hated or still hate about Lahore. I hope in the coming year the pages that keep scattered in my room get metamorphosed into electrons and pixels. Karachi is no different. It gives a feeling as if the whole city is engulfed under a blanket of laziness. But then I ask myself what opportunity does a visitor have who comes to Karachi? Where would he go? What would he see? A beach? A mausoleum? A hypermarket? A rich-only club? As a citizen Pakistanis have nothing to do and the only venture they can invest their energy is to stage a rally or a protest or be at home, have sex and make people to attend these protests and rallies. This act cause over population which then adds classless crowd to the very same beach, the mausoleum and the hypermarket. The female products of that act reach the rich-only club too but as a product to entertain the rich. I love my sleep and I have no one to perform the act with. So I drifted off on this holiday.