December 22nd, 2017
There was a time I loved Twitter. Openly. Publicly. But in all the love stories I came to know including the first hand experience, there remained villains. Those agents of violence (تخریب کار) never wanted love to flourish. So love on its own was a very expensive and a bumpy ride. The love for twitter was no different. And once again the agents succeeded and the story ended. Like any good story, this story too had gems of knowledge and memorabilia which I picked up on the path like breadcrumbs of learning. I have always felt as if I am being sent to a wrong place, in a troubled state, in a stigmatized religion, at a violent time etc. The feeling is intense when I compare the privilege of using twitter on the go when no one even heard this name. This made me want to use a more fluid and stable application on a then-considered-smartphone – Nokia N95. At one time I wanted to jump to an iPhone but back in those days I couldn’t make this jump due to a sketchy vendor with equally sketchy after sale warranty. So I jumped to another Nokia which was more polished but came with the same set of limitation. There were no polished apps for Twitter and even for then-gaining-popularity Facebook. One day I got to know of Gravity and it changed my view of Nokia. Even today, after five iPhones and an equal number of droids, I am still in love with the elegance of Gravity on Nokia. That application was simply an alien technology. It made me fear what if the developer abandons it and shifts his energies to a more crowded platform like the iOS. As Nokia suffered it’s demise, I moved to Apple and like all forgotten tales of passion, Gravity went into shadow. I loved the clean and fluid Tweetbot which I use even today. There is something I don’t like about the native Twitter app and I don’t know what that is. Maybe that is just a bias and even in that case, I don’t like it. After many years the developer created a newer app themed exactly like the original Gravity and when I got to know about it, I had to make the jump. So for one app, I moved to Android and got Gravity installed. It was love again. Made me feel younger for a moment. Sadly I cannot tweet again after giving up all my public spaces back in 2014. Hence using Gravity to write short chunks of writings at two private twitter IDs away from the eyes of madarchods and behenchods. Nostalgia is such a bitch. It makes you do things many won’t understand, ever. I have tweeted this line as well. So don’t try to copy and be a madarchod or a behenchod or both.