That is another name of lives. Old, wrinkled faces have a lot of stories hidden under their skin. But as everyone has a different price at which they open up, it is almost impossible to put a tag about the worth of wisdom. Why would an old man speak of his first sleepless night as a boy when all that night he kept thinking about a girl. Why? It would still be an interesting story if he speaks up. But his wife might not be that very girl he thought about and at the moment she is still waiting outside the clinic. Hence such a story is most likely to be hidden till it just vanishes with the soul who knows it, for good. And we would never know of this tale. His blood picture is a story too. Too much of harmful oils and sugars have reached his blood over the years. I guess he still found a way to think of happiness and pursuit it or at least the illusion of it. Even if one tries to dig into his stories out of sheer curiosity, finding all the edges of the picture is impossible. Tiny fragment missing from a painting can alter the truth. What if half of the face was missing from The Mona Lisa ? A reality would have been shattered into two possibilities – her being normal and her being blind, at least in one eye.