“You are never late to join a bandwagon.”

I still remember the excitement that I had when I got my first digital camera. And the moment of getting my first high definition camera still feels like it happened yesterday. All this detail and information might prove helpful to someone someday. I got a camera which shoots in 4K. Some so precious moments in life occurred when I was not carrying any camera around. I have relived those moments in head repeatedly. Only if somehow I could record thoughts and see them on a screen. People are taking more pictures and videos in the present time but many are still focused on three things – selfies, screenshots and group pictures. The percentage of those is very small who take a picture to contribute it to information and then knowledge. Images for maps, of local points of interests, of old buildings, old books, old pamphlets, forgotten paths, etc. Even I take selfies, group pictures and screenshots but I have uploaded old, out of print books to archive. Now a 4K camera might add more detail to the paths of the city we tread and remember in our old age when many of us can’t walk. I hope out of many, one good the information imparts is reliving the days again. You can search for information only when that exists in the first place. Getting lost in a memory is satisfying and comforting. More if that is in 4K.