Doctor Bahu

“Fiction is a favorite genre of many in Pakistan.”

Out of a total of 304 individuals in my batch, there were only 72 who could grow beards without looking odd though there were some in the remaining class who had scary amount of hair on their arms and legs. I did come across some veiled ninjas who had nightmare-inducing amount of hair on their arms so I happily imaged them having a masculine beard under their hijaab. The imagination didn’t stop there. I calculated the number of total ninjas, then the number of fat ninjas, thin ninjas and the hairy-armed ninjas. One thing was certain about all ninjas. Theoretically they were destined to become doctor bahu. As a matter of fact some were already one before the first day at college. Many treat the reality of doctor bahu like unicorns but as I have lived with unicorns, I saw the hairy unicorns from a dangerously close distance so it’s one over-hyped realm. Every kid in a class is unique and no two are equally smart, equally dumb, equally genius, equally popular etc. It makes some stay in the lime light of popularity, blessing of intellect and power of talent. Some, like me stay in the shadows and are still able to find friends in the dark and even with the dark too. In fact one friend of mine is totally dark and he is glows in the dark too. No I am not being racist. I love him. Saaf wala love. The same imbalance between the individuals exist in any class whether it is from a kindergarten, a college or a university. Some people turned out to be really popular and hence their real names faded into their nicks. One very popular lady in my class earned the title of a Bitch due to her “obviously special” talents she put to use at various levels. She would be a Doctor bahu too. Another lady was so pious that people called her “Aapa“. A fat rich one who came late to class. A tall one who lived in a poor area but kept saying she lived in Defence. The “good girl” whose close friends called her “too pretty to be a doctor” etc etc etc. The list is long. All of these amazing ladies would be a doctor bahu eventually. What society fails to realize is that these doctor bahus are girls with all their talents and flaws. The word I want to convey is human. But the hype has made the realm superhuman. There got to be some tr……..
(This writing is a part of a chapter from an upcoming book)