Romeo and Juliet

“I know a couple.”

And I know one half of the couple very well. Manners bind me to not reveal the identity of either half. So I won’t. Moreover everyone likes to cover the ugly parts whether they be of their body or their soul. Hence I would hide the uglier part of the couple, the one I know too well. They are two love birds, at least that is the illusion they have created for themselves and for everyone around them. I think they are more into infatuation rather love. How am I so sure? No, I am not sure. I am still more inclined to the science which asks to observe and create a hypothesis and then test that by carrying some experiments. I followed what science said, step by step. After all the possible and logical steps, I saw the cracks in their love. Based on my experiences, I know at least the fifty percent of the love pretty well – the man’s side full of phases.

He is a student. She is a student. But both don’t go to the college, I mean same college. The boy is “super” pulled towards the girl. I have seen the artful expressions of love between them, from praises to leg pulls and some good words on social media. She keeps complaining about the woes of her life which somehow pulls the hero more towards her. Sadly Romeo is blinded. He would be able to see like all Romeos do i.e., after getting through a bitter experience. I wish he writes what he sees just like me and keep the chain kindled. 

The Door

It was dark all around. And it was raining very heavily. I was running. I don’t know why. All I could see under my feet was the bricked path. The rain had muffled all the sounds. My heavy breaths and the thumps of my shoes were the only sounds I could hear. The think curtain of the darkness was continuous. I could not see anything except for a small light in the distance. I had a feeling of being chased or I needed something. There was a reason of why I was running. There was urgency and with every moment I was getting more breathless. The sense of pain accumulating in the muscles of my legs was growing. My throat was drying too. Somehow I knew that I had to reach that light. But a fear of someone or something behind me existed.

What if that light was a trap? What if someone knew I were reaching there?

But what if not!

And then there was thunder. For a moment I saw the path ahead of me. I picked up the pace and continued to ran. The discomfort had already started to climb up to my chest and crawling into my lungs. I didn’t look back and kept running. The distance was closing but slowly. The fear of the unknown was rising. Eventually I reached the light. The was a tall wall. The light was mounted on top of the door. There were no windows in the wall. I could not make the height of the wall because of the dark and the downpour. The door was bathing in the yellow light. Strangely there was no knob or any handle on it. It was completely blank except for some square patterns on it. Suddenly the wind blew stronger making the raindrops hit the door and the light above it. The steel shade covering the light made a sound as the drops hit it. Whoever or whatever was behind me won’t be far now and might reach here any moment. I stepped closer to the door and decided to knock. But as soon as I was about to, someone grabbed me from behind.

Utho Beta…. It’s iftaar time.”

I could still feel the water droplets on my face.