Forgotten Hero. Remembered Monster

The post is about an old man who lives some blocks away from my ancestral home and is a far far far distant relative too. Born in a well off family of zameendars, he was the junior most of his siblings. Even with resources, he never acquired formal education. A dispute over property earned him his share of property very early which he sold quickly and started his successful transport business. After a traffic accident, he ended up in a hospital where a pregnant widow gave birth to a daughter. She lived in the same neighborhood as him. God knows all happenings the best and he would know this too but somehow this man fell in love with that woman. A forbidden love of a rich bachelor from one sect of Islam and born in one caste with a poor widow of another sect of Islam and with a different caste. Moreover many started believing that the woman is jinxed as she was responsible for the death of her husband and gave birth to a girl. Sad evil society. Then that happened which is supposed to happen and happens always – family dispute, allegation and melodrama. To save the honor of family his parents got him married to a girl of their own choice who was more able somehow as she came from the same sect and the same caste. An year later his father suffered a cardiac event and died. This made that man divorced his wife who left that city.
Now thirty years have passed. He lives alone in an un-maintained, average house. We all know that old age is so hard and having no kids to support morally or even financially, he is seeing hell as many in the neighborhood say because he hurt his parents, divorced his wife and above all is a criminal in God’s book for loving someone outside the line of sect. His transport business ended years ago. Loans from strangers and banks have broken him. I visited him yesterday. He never told me about that girl. Even I never had the courage to ask him directly. But the life he is living now is all those decisions he made including the love he committed. People label him as a sinner so quickly, which itself is a sin. He told me about having a heart attack last year which didn’t hurt him as much as finding himself alone in the hospital. No one came to see him, not even his brothers. Cruel old age manifesting in one shape. No one will remember him just days or maybe even hours after he is no more. No one. But I will. I surely will remember. A nameless example that someone just sinned once, the sin of love.