Three Twenty Two

Four walls.
A ceiling.
A floor.
Two doors.
A window.
A bed.
A cupboard in a wall.
Three doors in the cupboard.
No prayer was said.
No good was done.
Only mistakes.
Stupid mistakes.
Some hopes were killed.
Some dreams were shattered.
A name entered the room.
A name of trust.
That grew into love.
Love changed.
Not to hate.
But it changed.

I am not in 322 now.
Not any more.
But some part of me still is.
In 322.

56 Kilograms

Today I discovered something that weighs a total of 56 kg. Carbon-based and organic. If left in certain conditions that thing starts undergoing decomposition emitting unpleasant odor. Yet I feel that

” 56 kg of something all the gems and gold in this world cannot buy. “

Not gems, gold and wealth. But that is what I used to think. A few hundred thousand rupees(weak currency) were able to buy that. That was a foolish feeling of a younger boy. He must be pardoned.

The Silence

Satan said

Silentium est aureum

(Silence is golden)

He was right.

Someone is silent.


Someone precious.


Time seems frozen.

The world seems stationery.

The rivers are not flowing.

In this static.

I am still alive.



Someone is silent


The clouds are dry.

The fire is cold.

The blood is solid.

I am not screaming.

The mind is throbbing.


I am still awake



I wonder when the silence breaks.

I wonder when the path leads me out of this dark tunnel

I wonder when the faith, courage and belief wins over fears, despair and dark.

I wonder when God will listen and act.

Maybe already is and I just don’t know that.

I wonder when ”someone” will speak again.

I wonder

I wonder in silence.

Silence which is golden.