Why do we make rules? And what for? To break them? The one who never follow them bring them into existence only to burn others in tormenting fires. Those hypocrites keep themselves behind a veil for gains. But every veil breaks eventually. Like all rules. Men after all these years cannot tame two rules which Allah kept with himself – Time and Death. That is why God never ages and never dies.


Odd World

It’s an odd world.

When things are in the pocket, people never care.
When humans are touchable, they call it forbidden.
When a human is alive, he has no respect.
When he is gone, they regard his words, his clothes, and miss his presence.
When its raining, they hide in their rooms and avoid getting wet.
When its dry, they seek God’s mercy.
When one is near, they build walls.
When one is gone, they crave the presence.
When the want love, reasons appear.
When they reason, love vanishes.