Love Expression

اک دن مجنوں نوں کسے آکھیا
One day someone said to majnoo

کی یار تیری لیلی کالی
Hey! Your Laila is black(tan)!

اگوں مجنوں نے جواب دتا
In reply, Majnoo said

او تیری انکھ نئیں دیکھن والی
Unfortunately your eyes cant see what I see

قرآن شریف دے پنے چٹے اور اتے شاہی کالی
The pages of Quran are white and the ink on them is black

جدوں دل مل جاندے پھر کی گوری کی کالی
When hearts unite, the color never matters

Bullay Shah


Like pains and secrets, restlessness is a parcel to everyone’s tale, Prophets and Kings included. It breaks the stamina of everyone it touches. Childhood was such a wonderful time when the only restlessness existed was either the unfinished homework or the unsatisfied ice-cream craving. Sleep is a temporary refuge from restlessness. But time showed its colors and raised both of us. One trick to keep a leash on the restlessness is to keep the inner child alive which is seldom occurring in our society. Many remain upset just habitually or maybe it looks cool especially after the rise of modern seasons and dramas.A genuine worry disrupts the calm of life like a fire eating up dry leaves. Brave is the man who feels the worries of others and just those of his own. God has keys to all the doors. Your prayers might make those keys spin in the right way. No harm in trying.