The way we express ourselves is a reflection to our inner self. Our traffic queues prove how disorganized we are and what our thinking level is as a nation, if in any way we can call ourselves a nation. Eating donkeys, cheating for money, stabbing own blood etc are some of the salient qualities of the fort of Islam – Pakistan. Just look at how organized and managed the vegetable outlets are in Saudi Arabia. This might already upset some religious haters who cannot do anything towards their own country, let just criticizing another country. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I guess even God has many forms in one country based on one God. 


I still have this rose. It lays safe in a dictionary. Unlike most flowers that end up in books, it was not a gift-byproduct of a relationship, though I had lost some flowers sent by an equally beautiful girl whom I collided with in bazaar on chaand raat in Lahore. This rose however was given to me by a Sikh. I went to the Wagha border where after the evening parade, a Sardarji from the opposite side handed me this flower. I don’t know who he was but even after years, this flower keeps emitting aroma of peace and love. May curse befall on politicians and reasons which ruined peace, love and people.