Many use this word in poetry. Even Bollywood scavenges off it. But I always go for the first meanings the dictionary. Fish! Now that makes all Maahi songs quite fishy, right. 

3 Aurtain 1 Kahani

A girl fell in love with a boy.
Another girl fell in love with that boy, too.
The boy never expected it to happen.
The boy fell in love with some other girl.
The other(third) girl also fell in love with that common boy.
Years later all found out that there was no love.
Just hormones.

This is a work of fiction. A simple yet not so simple story. Only coincidental resemblance to real people can exist.

The First School. The First Love.

An institute is a mother too. Caring, loving and a memory forever. Same is true for the place of one’s job. One’s school, college, university etc are those mothers that nourish the person. We stay attached to our mothers. I remember the first day at my first school. I was scared. And asked my mom to stay with me during the day. It was the first school ever where I cried, where I lost my notebooks, where I found new friends and where I think I had my first crush. It was at a stone’s throw from my house. Yet in those days, the path seemed to stretch forever, especially in the morning. However I don’t wish to walk on the same path again. Some memories are better to be relived in the head. As for love, yes, I’m still in so much love with my mother institute.


Numbers fascinate me. And I believe in numbers. A good number with repeating digits is easy to memorize. That’s one plus. For a number, I probed Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Vehari, Rawalpindi, Shakargarh, Mianwali, Hyderabad and finally Multan to get a number. The good old days of Lahore. It was some effort back then. I got what I was seeking. I paid some thousand rupees for it. After years I am very happy that I got that number. When someone praises it, I feel all the money that I paid for it and seeking it is returned. After this number, I did get new numbers but they all stayed ephemeral. From a few days to a few months at max, all the numbers ended up dead but this number. Life shifted to a new place and I had to change my number or at least get a new number again for some days until the shadows behind it disappeared. But to get a new home, I wanted that to be at least as good as the previous one. I knew it would demand a little extraordinary effort again. But as technology has stepped up or I learnt a few new ways, this was not as wild and scattered. I finally got another number. I like it. I am using it more than the older one. The old number gives me a strange nostalgia and pleasure. The new number is more like a teenage soul breathed into a grownup man. From from time to time, I turn on an old disposable Nokia phone just to check which of my ex is having an insomnia. 

Aamir Bilal