The journey of all religions happens in this world and in this life while all of them talk about the world here after and the life here after. Ironic.

What if

What if some third entity not yet known to man conspires in every battle between the heart and the mind and is responsible for all the clashes between them. What if its obscure nature has not made anyone think about it to fantasize about it or to make it into a philosophy, idea or faith. What if like a cunning being, it is the one who sets fire between the working heart and working mind and spoils their work. What if.


The emphasis were never so real as real the weight of emphasis itself. What weight does the word elephant carry? None. But no one would live to say anything if he were under an elephant for real. 

Abdul Ghani Khan – Poetry

I do not need your red, sculpted lips,
Nor hair in loops like a serpent’s coils,
Nor a nape as graceful as a swan’s,
Nor narcissus eyes full of drunkenness,
Nor teeth as perfect as pearls of heaven,
Nor cheeks ruddy and full as pomegranates,
Nor a voice mellifluous as a sarinda,
Nor a figure as elegant as a poplar,
But show me just this one thing,
My love,
I seek a heart stained like a poppy flower – pearls by millions I would gladly cede, for the sake of tears borne of love and grief – entreaty.

Adapted from writings of Abdul Ghani Khan – a Pashto poet. Translation and adaptation by Nahida Ahmed, student at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.