Old days are always precious. They become so just by becoming old and impossible to access again other than living them in your head. We miss the old days. The aroma of the days gone-by lingers on with our soul. We miss the people we have met, the people we have lost along the path. I miss all this too. I miss my foolish self. I miss the mistakes and the moments in which I did them. Sometimes they look like a dream or a fantasy. One trigger and all that comes back haunting again. Only if we could ever fly back and relive them. Only if somehow. Only if.

Joined Twitter

Its December 29, 2008 and 11:12 PM right across my table. I just joined the twitter bandwagon. Seriously I don’t know how to use this thing but I find it cleaner than the shitty Facebook. Even this is blue but I can live with that. I feel that one life is too short to avail all the mirages of modern time like texts, Facebook, the emails, the blogs, movies, news, music, books. Hoping to keep posting things on @AAMIRALIBILAL

Poem By Ahmed Faraz

Bhaid paen to rah-e-yaar mein gum ho jayen!
Warna kis wastay bay-kaar mein gum ho jayen!

Kya karain arz-e-tamanna k tujhe dekhtay he
Lafz pay-ra-ee-ya -e-izhaar mein gum ho jayen

Yeh na ho tum bhe kise bheed mein kho jao kahin
Yeh na ho hum kise bazaar mein gum ho jayen!

Kis tarah tujh se kahain kitna bhala lagta hai
Tujh ko dekhain teray deedar mein gum ho jayen!

Hum teray shauq mein yun khud ko ganwa bethay hain
Jaise bachay kise tehwaar mein gum ho jayen

Aisa aashob-e-zamana hai k darr lagta hai
Dil k mazmoon he na ashaar mein gum ho jayen

Sheharyaaron k bulaavay bahut aatay hain Faraz!
Yeh na ho aap bhe darbar mein gum ho jayen!